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GLAS Joins Precision for Medicine

Together, GLAS and Precision offer a level of scientific understanding, high-quality specimen and global scale unmatched in the biospecimens solutions space.

Consultants in Human Biologics

GLAS forms strong partnerships with corporate entities investing in human biospecimen research. We are a group of highly qualified medical pathologists and scientists, providing the highest quality biologics with the addition of exceptional consultation.

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We provide the highest quality biologic specimens. We have a strong understanding of the best methods to make your project cost-effective and worthwhile.

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GLAS has developed a strong network of partnering institutions with a common vision and purpose: Provide the highest quality biospecimens augmented by robust clinical and laboratory annotation. GLAS works with healthcare leadership and laboratory personnel to create a research culture that benefits all parties while protecting patient confidentiality. Learn More >

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Consult with Pathology Experts

We are a group of forward thinking, seasoned medical pathologists, scientists and laboratorians. We are passionate about furthering impactful research and enabling our peers to reach their goals. We offer our consultation services to contribute to every step of your project including goal setting, design, and execution. From the first conference call to project completion and beyond you will interact with our board certified pathologists directly. This will ensure on-target project delivery that consistently exceeds expectations.

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Committed to a Cure

Tissue samples acquired through standard diagnostic or treatment procedures are critically important for advancing medical research. GLAS supplies the world’s leading researchers with the necessary tissue samples combined with professional consultation to effectuate the most impactful research possible.

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