Fresh or Wet Fixed Tissue

The testing of human tissue, both healthy and diseased, gives us a microscopic look into how pharmacologic mechanisms alter or preserve the functionality of tissue. The data extracted through this research helps to validate pharmaceutical effectiveness and the mechanism of action at the cellular level. In conjunction with clinical trials, performing research on fresh or specialty fixed human tissue is essential to understanding the pathogenesis of both oncologic and medical disease states. These samples are ideally suited for immunohistochemistry development and validation, companion diagnostic discovery, and various DNA and RNA based investigations.

We partner with CLIA certified labs to launch IRB approved, patient-consented benchtop collection protocols of human tissue removed during surgery. Prospective, protocol-driven collections enable precise control and documentation of critical variables such as:

  • Cold ischemia time

  • Fixative type

  • Duration of fixation

  • Tissue type

  • Disease state

Our protocols are overseen by board certified medical pathologists. Each sample is well annotated and accompanied by detailed clinical and pathological information.

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