Regulations & Compliance

GLAS operates under the guiding principles of integrity, transparency and respect for others. We expect these principles to be manifested consistently throughout our organization. We greatly value the contribution individual patients make in advancing society's understanding of both disease and wellness. We ensure patients' rights are protected through strict adherence to industry best practices, institutional policy and legal regulation. Whenever possible, patients are given the opportunity to provide informed, valid consent. When such consent is not possible and the study could not otherwise be carried out, we submit our protocols to local or central IRBs seeking Waiver of Consent and Waiver of Authorization. Such protocols are reviewed at least annually.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification, received by GLAS in October 2017, is a testament to the strength of our business processes, and the customer service experiences that we provide.

All our tissue is US sourced from CLIA and CAP certified laboratories unless the project specifications require another path. We adhere to HIPAA standards and update company policy to meet best practice guidelines per the world region within which we operate. By policy, our pathologists are CITI trained and have considerable experience with clinical trial oversight.

Further commitments to ethical business practices can be seen in our reasonable dealings with our clients and suppliers. Biospecimens are sourced only from laboratories whereby the samples can be backtracked to the actual facility and personnel working on the projects at the ground level. Furthermore, each project has subspecialty boarded Pathologists directly overseeing each project to ensure full compliance throughout.

Prospective clients and suppliers may request the following documents through our Compliance Office:

IRB Protocols
CITI Training Certificates
CAP/CLIA Certification Number

Direct inquiries to:

Michelle Taylor
Compliance Officer
(866) 580-6354 (ext 104)

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