Biospecimen Suppliers

GLAS partners with quality CLIA and CAP certified laboratories throughout the United States as well as strategic partnerships within the European Union. This network helps ensure our research colleagues have access to the necessary biosamples that are critical to timely advancements in medical diagnostics and therapy.

If you are interested in becoming a biosample supplier, please contact us and we will guide you through the process, including:

  • Federal and state regulations
  • CAP/CLIA compliance
  • Best practices in ethical biosourcing
  • Procedural and technical aspects
  • Partnering models and compensation

Become a Supplier

Our 100% Nationally-Based suppliers provide the highest quality samples that cater to our clients' research purposes. 

GLAS is the founding member of the Carolina Tissue Collaborative (CTC). Through a network of partnering institutions, CTC maintains a common vision and purpose: provide the highest quality biospecimens augmented by a full clinical milieu. CTC works with the hospital executive and administrative leadership to create a research culture that benefits all parties while respecting the patient confidentiality in the research endeavor.


GLAS Deployment

We will send a team to your institution and work with all stakeholders to establish an effective partnership. GLAS will assume responsibility for supporting the number of clinical research associates appropriate for scale. This model transfers effort and risk to GLAS while returning financial rewards to the partnering institution.

GLAS Team-Up

In this model, the partnering institution provides the infrastructure necessary for membership within CTC. This is ideal for institutions with appropriate personnel in place or the desire to make needed investments. This model transfers the effort and risk onto the member institution but allows for the greatest financial return.


Become a Supplier

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